While You Were Sleeping : A Movie Review

While you were sleeping: A Movie Review

Rating: PG

Genre: Romance, Drama


While you were sleeping is a typical rom-com with all the right ingredients for a fairytale romance.

The Story In Detail: The movie starts with a typical girl-next-door, Lucy, who is alone with no family of her own and works on holidays to feel good. Working at CTA, she sees a handsome guy and falls in love with him on the very first sight. The guy, Peter, is mugged by two people and thrown on railway tracks where she jumps to save his life from the coming train. She admits him in the hospital where no staff lets her visit him, claiming that only family can visit. With a sigh, she says to herself “I was gonna marry him.” This is over-heard by a nurse who misinterprets this and tells his family, who has just approached, that Lucy is Peter’s fiancée. She wants to clear the air but fails when she learns how grandmother has heart problems. She keeps up the facade and tells the family that “It was his smile. He smiled and I knew that my life would never be the same”. She is invited over their place to meet Jack, Peter’s brother.

She tells the comatose Peter about everything while Saul, the godfather, overhears her. Saul asks her to keep the pretence for family sake. When Jack meets her, he is wary of Lucy and asks her all sorts of questions. But Lucy is saved as she has keys to Peter’s apartment, has keys to his car, knows about the cat and also knows an intimate detail about Peter. Jack, while mending his relationship with Lucy, spends time with her and starts to fall for her. Lucy loves Jack’s hand-created rocking chair and they chat. They end up disclosing the various dreams and share laughs. As the night ends, they fall in each other’s arms due to slippery ice and share a moment. They both start feeling something for each other but keep it to themselves.

Next day, Lucy and Jack end up under mistletoe and after being urged by the entire family, Jack kisses Lucy on her cheeks.

Lucy’s future sister-in-law turns up at the train station where Lucy works and chats with her. As a joke, Lucy tells her friends that yes, she is pregnant which is over-heard by her and she tells that to the entire family. Jack visits her where misunderstandings about her fake pregnancy gets cleared up. There they have their first argument where Jack accuses her of planning trips to places where she doesn’t even go while she throws back at him how he wants to leave family business but doesn’t tell anyone. He goes away.

It’s New Year and Peter wakes up. He remembers everything except Lucy. In a hilarious set of events, the family thinks that Peter has amnesia and that’s how he doesn’t remember Lucy. As Jack drives Lucy back to her house, he apologises to her and she says that they are good friends. Next morning, Jack ends up confessing to his father how he wants to start his own business and his father accepts that happily. Saul, the godfather, tells Lucy that he would handle things while he goes to Peter and tells him to give another chance to Lucy, look in her eyes and is he doesn’t fall in love with Lucy, he can break up with her. Peter talks to Lucy when she visits him and likes her. Meanwhile, Ashley visits Peter’s apartment claiming to be his fiancée. Ashley visits Peter in the hospital where he asks her to back-off since she had never actually said yes to his proposal. Peter proposes Lucy and she leaves without an answer.

Jack visits Lucy’s apartment where he gifts her globe of Florence. She is touched as Florence was her dream destination and her mother had given her father a globe- a symbol of world. Lucy asks Jack if he can give her a reason not to marry Peter but he says he can’t. The wedding day arrives where Lucy enters the Church and protests to her own wedding claiming that she is in love with Jack. She ends up confessing the entire truth infront of the family, how she fell in love with the family. She leaves.

At the station, on her counter, instead of a coin, a diamond ring is thrown inside. She looks up to find Jack along with his family. He enters her cabin and proposes to her. She accepts, the family cheers on and they kiss. A scene of their marriage is shown where they go to Florence for their honeymoon.

In the last dialogue, Lucy says that, Peter once asked her when she fell in love with Jack. And she told him, “It was while you were sleeping.”

Memorable Quotes from this movie:

  • Do you believe in love at first sight? Nah, I betcha don’t, you’re probably too sensible for that. Or have you ever, like, seen somebody? And you knew that, if only that person really knew you, they would, well, they would of course dump the perfect model that they were with, and realize that you were the one that they wanted to, just, grow old with. Have you ever fallen in love with someone you haven’t even talked to? Have you ever been so alone you spend the night confusing a man in a coma? – Lucy
  • Peter once asked me when I fell in love with Jack. And I told him, “It was while you were sleeping.” – Lucy
  • Peter: I’m making a clean start with Lucy. She is — She is — She… What is she? She’s… Jack: I’d say that she gets under your skin as soon as you meet her. She drives you so nuts you don’t know whether to hug her or, or just really arm wrestle her. She would go all the way to Europe just to get a stamp in her passport. I don’t know if that amounts to insanity, or just being really, really… likable.
  • Lucy: The truth was that I fell in love with you.

Ox Callahan: You fell in love with me?

Lucy: No, N-o, yes. All of you. I went from being all alone to being a fiancee, a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, and a friend.

My Rating:

The story flowed smoothly, there were some scenes which felt rather forced. There was absolutely no need for some characters like Jerry (the boss) or Joe Junior (the neighbour who keeps on hitting on her). Though highly clichéd, I give this movie a 3 star rating. It was a funny, time pass movie in which the sole USP was Sandra Bullock.