Winning the Loss

She wiped off the tears that ran down her cheeks. She looked at the closed door behind her and muffled a cry. She would not cry anymore. She wouldn’t give in. She wouldn’t let the pain consume her soul, like always. She cannot always be the one who is wrong. She knew it in her bones that she was right. She made mistakes, but she was not that bad. She might be wrong sometimes, but not always.

Adults can be wrong too. Adults can be impulsive too. But, she would not think about it anymore. She would let her feel victorious, while she would admit defeat for the last time in her life. She would not look back in life. Not anymore.

This time, she would have a fresh start. Asking herself to be strong, she moved on the path towards her future.


Time changed but everything else remained the same. She knew she had made a mistake. She knew she committed lots of them without even thinking. But she had always thought that she is the one who is right. She could never even think that a mother can be wrong. Daughters are supposed to be wrong, aren’t they?

But when her daughter banged the door on her face and moved out of her house, she felt anything but victorious. All the arguments, all the silly notions about what is right and what is wrong, suddenly felt meaningless. Her daughter’s parting words seemed to reverberate in her ears like a broken music record.

‘I don’t know what more I would be in my life. But one thing is for sure, I would be a better mother than you. I would understand my daughter and not make her feel unloved. I would love her.’

She had failed. She had gone wrong in trying to be a better mother. All the pent up anger and frustration throughout the years had finally taken a toll on their relationship. If there was even a relationship to begin with…

In trying to win an argument, she had lost her daughter forever.


The End.

Note: No personal feelings involved. 😛 I wrote this almost a year ago and as I was browsing through my previous works today, I found this and thought of putting it out here. This is a simple one-shot. No one has to be right or wrong. 

Leave your comments 🙂


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