The Difference Between Then & Now…

Many a times it happens with me that a leaf of page falls from one of the textbook that I happen to pick up. When I pick it up, I find a poem or some abstract thought scribbled on it. I literally have to go through that entire thing to know what I actually wrote in that.

Some pieces of work make me smile.
Some make me nostalgic about a time that seemed so far away.
Some make me feel stronger since I did overcome that phase of life.
Some make me feel sad that it happened.
Some envelope me with a truck-load of memories.
Some make me realize how different my life is now.
Some make me happy that it ever happened.
Some make me feel the depth of emotions.
Some make me feel despair.
And some make me realize how bored I must have been to write such utter nonsense.

It’s strange how life never seems to constantly change. I know it’s just another random musings of mine but I can’t help it. I am too emotional to forget things. Sometimes, writing down feels better. It creates a memory that can invoke different feelings at different point of time.

What you must have felt while writing can be different to what you feel now … That’s the difference between then and now. 🙂

– Mahak


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